Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (www.fairfax.ca) a multinational financial company, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada, is established in 1985. Through its insurance subsidiaries, Fairfax Financial writes a wide variety of property and casualty insurance and reinsurance business in a number of territories, including Canada, the US, Europe and Asia.  Fairfax Financial is a company of considerable financial strength. It had Gross Written Premiums of US$ 9.5 billion in 2016 and shareholders’ equity of US$ 11.8 billion and assets under management of approximately US$ 43.2 billion as at 31 December 2016.

The insurance and reinsurance division of Fairfax Financial Holdings

Fairfax Financial Holdings is a world leader in insurance and reinsurance services. In 2015, Lloyd’s listed Fairfax as the insurance company with the 5th greatest underwriting capacity of 1.38 billion pounds (approximately 1.76 billion euros).

  • In business risks insurance, Fairfax Financial Holdings ranked 8th among US insurance and reinsurance companies.
  • The American insurance and reinsurance company Odyssey Re, a member of the Fairfax Financial Holdings family, ranked among the twenty largest non-life reinsurance companies in the world.
  • Northbridge, a Canadian member of the Fairfax group, is the fifth largest insurer of business risks on the local market.
  • Brit Insurance, a British insurance company and one of Lloyd’s leading insurers, joined the holding in February 2015.
  • Another recent addition, the Greek insurance company Eurolife Insurance, joined the Fairfax group in December 2015
  • Announced a strategic partnership with AIG in October 2016 including the acquisition of AIG’s subsidiaries in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela and Turkey and the purchase of AIG’s operational assets and renewal rights for Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, all being subject to passing the necessary regulatory approvals.
  • Fairfax will become a strategic network partner to support AIG’s Multinational clients in the above-mentioned  countries
  • Fairfax is dedicated to make Colonnade Insurance S.A. known as the first-class customer service and innovative solutions insurance company in the Eastern European region