Whistleblowing notification

At Colonnade, we care about compliant and ethical business conduct. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to report any improper conduct violating laws or regulations committed by any person in the work-based relationship with Colonnade Insurance S.A.

When can you make a notification?

If you have any substantiated grounds or information to believe that an actual or potential breach of law or regulation, applicable in the country where Colonnade is established or European law, or grossly unethical and improper behaviour has occurred or is likely to occur in respect of Colonnade's activities. Your notification will be treated in full confidence and in such a way which is safe for you. 

Who can make a notification?

        • an employee of Colonnade (also a former one);
        • a person applying for an employment with Colonnade, who became aware of the infringement of law in the process of recruitment or negotiations preceding the conclusion of a contract;
        • a person in the work-based relationship different from an employment;
        • an entrepreneur in commercial relationship with Colonnade or wishing to enter into such a relationship; 
        • a Colonnade´s shareholder or partner;
        • a member of any Colonnade´s body if different from an employee;
        • any person performing the work for Colonnade under the supervision or direction of a contractor;
        • a subcontractor or supplier of Colonnade;
        • a Colonnade´s trainee or volunteer;
        • any other persons who are professionally or in family terms connected to the persons mentioned above or entitled to represent them. 

How is a person making the notification protected?

Reporting persons must not be subject to any form of retaliation, threats or attempts to use them and are legally protected. Colonnade guarantees the full confidentiality of the data provided in the notification and protects the identity of the persons making it including any natural person who assists a whistleblower during the alerting process in a professional context.

The notification done – what then?

A person making the notification will receive an acknowledgement of it receipt within 7 days following its submission and a feedback and follow-up measures taken by Colonnade within 3 subsequent months (unless the report is made anonymously in such a way not enabling to Colonnade to identify the address of the person making the notification).

How can the notification be made?

I. The notification can be made through one of the following internal communication channels:

Colonnade Insurance S.A.
1b, rue Jean Piret
L-2350 Luxembourg


  • by telephone on the following numbers: +352 281 156 204 or +352 281 156 206.

In the case of an e-mail and postal notifications, these may also be made in an anonymous form

II. The notification can also be made through the following external communication channel:

  • In writing as well as by phone (or even in person upon a prior appointment) to the Commissariat aux assurance (CAA), as competent supervisory authority for Colonnade in Luxembourg, in German, French and Luxembourg language (English language might be admitted as well). The contact details are available on the CAA website: Contact - Commissariat aux Assurances (caa.lu)
  • In writing to respective local authorities in the countries where Colonnade is established. For the Republic of Bulgaria, the competent authority is the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data. You can submit a report to the authority through the contact details at https://www.cpdp.bg