D&O insures directors and officers against claims by third parties (such as official regulators, customers, competitors, administrators etc.) or indeed by their own company from loss resulting from their breach of duty. It pays for external counsel fees to defend a director or officer in such actions, as well as damage awards and settlements as long as no fraudulent behavior is established against them.

Intended for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Media and Technology
  • Retail and service industries
  • Other

Reimbursed Expences:

  • Insurer will reimburse the Company a Loss for which it has indemnified an Insured

Covered risks:

  • Management liability
  • Company securities
  • Investigation
  • Extradition
  • Emergency cost
  • Assets and liberty
  • Public relation expences
  • Investigation cost for a crisis event
  • Outside directorship

Competitive advantages:

  • Broad scope of insured persons
  • Unlimited (lifetime run-off) cover for Insured upon winding up of the company or retirement
  • Extended discovery period
  • Cover for schooling cost for dependent non-adults, monthly primary housing mortgage payment or renting cost, utilities cost, personal insurance premiums in the event of an order from any Official body for confiscation, suspension or freezing of rights of ownership over real property or personal assets of an Insured.
  • Excess cover for  non-executive directors
  • New subsidiary